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Stretch Marks
Dark Circles & Bags
Pimples & Acne
Spots & Blemishes
White Skin Patches
Deep Skin Cleanser
Facial Wrinkles
Glowing Fair Skin
Fair Complexn Cream
Body Scrub Cleanser
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Superfluous Hair
100% Pure Henna
Multani Mitti - Fuller's
Gray Hair
Natural Shampoo
Natural Conditioner
100% Hibiscus Oil
Scalp & Hair Oil
Healthy Scalp Gel
Aloe Vera Gel
Cucumber Gel
Hibiscus Gel
Body Massage Oil
Tanning Oil
Sesame Oil (AT)
Motia Rosha
Tea Tree
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Price List

*Comes with ONE 40g Pack of Herbal Powder and ONE 100 ml bottle of Gel.
Product Unit Price (US$)
Skin and Hair Care
Stretch Marks Body Rub One Course* 23.99
Dark Circles Around Eyes One Course* 23.99
Spots and Blemishes One Course* 23.99
Scars One Course* 23.99
Cellulite One Course* 23.99
White Skin Patches One Course* 23.99
Superfluous or Excessive Hair One Course* 23.99
Glowing Skin and Fair Complexion One Course* 23.99
Brittle Nails One Course* 23.99
Facial for Pimples and Acne One Course* 23.99
Wrinkles Herbal Facial One Course* 23.99
Facial for Dry Skin One Course* 23.99
Facial for Oily Skin One Course* 23.99
Complete Haircare One Course* 23.99
100% Pure Henna 40 g 5.99
Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) 40 g 5.99
100% Pure Gels
Cucumber Gel 1 100ml bottle 11.99
Aloe Vera Gel 1 100ml bottle 11.99
Hibiscus Powder/Gel 1 bottle/pack 12.99
Body Oils
Body Massage Oil 1 100ml bottle 9.99
Massage & Tanning Oil 1 100ml bottle 9.99
Sesame Oil (Til Oil) 1 50ml bottle 5.99
Massage Oil for Scalp 1 100ml bottle 9.99
Aromatherapy Kits (AT)** for Skin
Stretch Marks (AT) Multiple items 39.99
Wrinkles (AT) Multiple items 49.99
Pimples and Acne (AT) Multiple items 59.99
Dry Skin (AT) Multiple items 69.99
Oily Skin (AT) Multiple items 25.99
Care for Hands (AT) Multiple items 74.99
Face Pack for Deeping Cleansing (AT) Multiple items 49.99
Aromatherapy Kits (AT)** for Hair
Greasy, Excessive Oily Hair (AT) Multiple items 34.99
Rough and Dry Hair (AT) Multiple items 44.99
Lice and Nits (AT) Multiple items 69.99
Grey Hair (AT) Multiple items 34.99
Dandruff (AT) Multiple items 55.99
Hair Repair, Split Ends (AT) Multiple items 59.99
Hair Fall (AT) Multiple items 55.99
Aromatherapy Kits (AT)** for Body
Muscular Aches (AT) Multiple items 34.99
Relaxation (AT) Multiple items 49.99
Baby Massage (AT) Multiple items 49.99
Anti Perspirant, Deodorant (AT) Multiple items 29.99
Mouth Wash (AT) Multiple items 24.99
Strong Healthy Nails (AT) Multiple items 44.99
Sinus Problems (AT) Multiple items 49.99
Prevention of Varicose Veins (AT) Multiple items 39.99
Aromatherapy (AT)** Scents and Aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiac (AT) Multiple items 59.99
Rose Perfume (AT) Multiple items 59.99
Jasmine Perfume (AT) Multiple items 39.99
Floral Water (AT) Multiple items 22.99
Air - Room Freshener (AT) Multiple items 21.99
100% Pure Essential Oils
Anise 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Almond 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Basil 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Bergamot 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Black Pepper 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Cade 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Calamus 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Camomile 1 10ml bottle 19.99
Camphor 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Cedar 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Chaulmoogra 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Cinnamon 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Clove Bud 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Clove Leaf 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Eucalyptus 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Geranium 1 10ml bottle 17.99
Ginger 1 10ml bottle 11.99
Ginger Grass 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Jasmine 1 10ml bottle 17.99
Jojoba 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Juniper 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Jyotishmati 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Khus 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Lavender 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Lemon 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Lemongrass 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Motia Rosha 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Neem 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Neroli 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Olive 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Orange 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Orpl 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Patchauli 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Peppermint 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Rose 1 10ml bottle 17.99
Rosemary 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Rosewood 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Sandalwood 1 10ml bottle 16.99
Sharifa 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Shataparvi 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Sofia 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Tea Tree 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Tulsi 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Walnut 1 10ml bottle 9.99
Wheatgerm 1 10ml bottle 10.99
Ylang-Ylang 1 10ml bottle 10.99
*Comes with ONE 40g Pack of Herbal Powder and ONE 100 ml bottle of Gel.

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Shipping Costs

We offer the following Flat Rate shipping costs worldwide to any country including the US

1st Item -- $5.99
each additional item -- $2.00

Example: If you ordered 1 Pimples product and 1 Lavender Oil, your shipping would be 5.99+2.00=$7.99
Products that come with with gel (example Pimples, Stretch Marks, Dark circles etc.) or Aromatherapy kits that come with multiple items are counted as only one item.

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